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7 YouTube channels every Cloud engineer should subscribe to

AWS, GCP, and Cloud channels on YouTube to subscribe to for training, how-to videos, and to keep up to date with the latest Cloud service news.

Let’s be honest at the start; these are the YouTube channels that I subscribe to for training, resources, and to help me keep abreast of all the latest AWS, GCP, and Cloud service news. So jumping straight in and in no particular order...

#1 — Google Cloud Platform

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First up is the Google Cloud Platform. There’s quite a few playlists in here and videos are uploaded almost daily. Selecting three of my favourites playlists;

  • Get Cooking In Cloud” — love these short 5-minute videos, a whole series of “How to…” scenarios and topics, and there are regular sub-series such as Pub/Sub. These videos take the form of practical scenario based problems, and talk through the solutions within the Google Cloud Platform; they teach us the recipe in keeping with the cooking analogy.
  • This Week in Cloud” — keeping abreast of the latest updates across the various Cloud platforms is never easy. They move so fast. That’s why I find weekly 2-minute catch-ups like “This Week In Cloud” very useful. Here we get to hear about all the features releases, enhancements, and changes within the Google Cloud Platform.
  • “Stack Doctor” — not yet a playlist, but regular themed content around Service Level Indicators (SLIs), Service Level Objectives (SLOs), and the Cloud Monitoring suite (formerly Stackdriver). These resonate for me as Site Reliability Engineering Lead in the UK in our organisation.

Finally, “Cloud Minute” is a series of 73 videos demonstrating — all in under one minute each — how to accomplish tasks on the Google Cloud Platform. An awesome reference to bookmark, although no longer being added to.

#2 — A Cloud Guru

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For those that don’t know it, A Cloud Guru is an awesome cloud training platform and the A Cloud Guru YouTube channel contains some of their free-to-all weekly updates.

I’m focussed myself right now on AWS and GCP, but there’s plenty of Azure content as well.

  • AWS This Week” — as the name suggests, this is a weekly breakdown of all the latest updates to the AWS platform. It is complemented by “GCP This Month”, a similar playlist but for the Google Cloud Platform — although “This Week In Cloud” on the Google Cloud Platform channel has likely beaten A Cloud Guru to it for many new announcements.
  • Kubernetes This Month” — a monthly roundup by Nigel Poulton, author of Docker Deep Dive and The Kubernetes Book, with a catch up of all the recent announcements in all things Kubernetes, Docker, and related domain. The videos always include a deep dive into one or two announcements per month to focus on the important new releases.

#3 — Amazon Web Services

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Now a jump across to AWS and the “Amazon Web Services” channel. Every few days I tend to sift through all the new videos and select those that appeal — it’s a very busy channel — looking back at my viewing history, those I select often fall into one of these two playlists.

  • AWS Demos” and “AWS Knowledge Center Videos” — I can’t quite work out the difference between these two playlists as the content always seems to overlap in context. Similar to Google’s “Cloud Minute” and “Get Cooking In Cloud”, these playlists feature videos that are short and cover solving specific tasks on Amazon Web Services platform. There is a broad mix of troubleshooting guides for common issues and solutions that focus towards the SysOps Administrator audience, and some that are aimed to Developers and Architects.

At times, it’s well worth just working through all the AWS videos to find something that is interesting — some of the discussions with companies around their solutions (“This is My Architecture”) yields some interesting content.

#4 — Google Developers

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Over 2 million people subscribe to the “Google Developers” channel. Wow. Not specifically “Cloud”, but plenty of overlaps and tool chains — we develop, host, and run applications at the end of the day — so worth adding a developer channel to the list. There are videos and playlists here covering a wide variety of topics, including Android and Flutter development.

  • The Google Developer Show” — this is the main playlist I like to check out each week on the Google Developers channel— as the name suggests, it’s a weekly update on the latest developer news from across Google.

#5 — Hashicorp

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As Cloud Engineers, we’re probably all familiar of Terraform that many of us will have used as our Infrastructure as Code provisioning tool. Likewise, we may also have used Vault for Secrets Management.

The “Hashicorp” channel is updated regularly and has a lot of Cloud-related content and some great videos describing the fundamentals of building out secure infrastructures.

There are plenty of in-depth “how to” guides and patterns, spanning virtual machines and Containers, and some of my favourites include explaining how to do secure introduction when building out the Cloud platform.

#6 — KodeKloud

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The “KodeKloud” channel is updated monthly and covers a variety of hands-on training series.

I subscribe mostly for the “Docker” and “Kubernetes” series, which have videos pitched toward Absolute Beginners and work themselves through to the more expert topics. They are well-presented and I have many of them saved for reference.

There are other topics such as Ansible, Puppet, and OpenShift.

#7 — Serverless

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I first came across “Serverless” thinking it was a channel dedicated to the serverless topic .

In fact they are the creators of the Serverless Framework which “gives you everything you need to develop, deploy, monitor and secure serverless applications on any cloud.”

Despite not being what I was looking for, I stuck around; not because I use the Serverless Framework, but because their video content is great.

I reference this channel for general guidance, serverless patterns, and developer how to references in topics such as auth0 and AWS services such as Lambda or DynamoDB (among many others). It’s easy to abstract the core topic away from the Serverless Framework itself.

So that’s my current top 7 — but what else?

With “Linux Academy” recent sync-up with A Cloud Guru, it’s not clear what is happening to their YouTube channel. It’s not had any new videos since the announcement in 2019. All the same — some really useful archives of content here that are useful to any Cloud Engineer to keep as a reference.

AWS Online Tech Talks” are much longer episodes and discuss various topics in more details. These need more time commitment as they can often be over an hour in length.

The “Docker” channel is also worth keeping in your subscription lists.

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